I haven’t updated in 6 years? holy shit! I guess that seems right. For the last 4-5 years my creative inspiration has brought me to autosports and martial arts. How are those even related to creativity you might ask. In more ways than you might guess. All of my “hobbies” are creative outlets. Photography, well that’s self explanatory. How is racing creative? Well, you literally have to create your perfect line to get you around the track. 13, 16 however many turns on the track I’m at requires a deep mental concentration. A coming together of perfect timing of vision, acceleration, deceleration and lots of balls. Once you’ve driven or watched a seasoned driver there’s no doubt it’s an art. Same goes for martial “arts”. Hell ART is in the name. That should also be self explanatory. With martial arts it’s almost the exact same as driving. timing, speed, and figuring out the best path to beat your opponent all the while playing a game of chess in your head. Anyways, I digress.

So it’s probably been almost 6 years since i’ve taken on a legitimate shoot to this capacity. I haven broken out my strobes in all this time and I was surprised they still fired. I only used two for this shoot, but wish I had a third. I did actually but the power supply broke. modifiers, nothing fancy. 1 parabolic umbrella as the key and 1 shoot thru. 1 more back light would have set the images off nicely.

I met this fella at the track in New Orleans. I think we both came up as driving instructors at the same time to be exact. Awesome guy, excellent driver.

Subject: Joey Dumas – Attorney/racecar driver/driving instructor.
Car: 911 Carrera (modified a wee bit)
Location: Nola Motorsports Park

Thanks Joey for helping spark some inspiration in shooting again.

Thanks for stopping by!

Reny Ramos

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